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Mayor of Yi Wang city, South Korea visited our school

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  Korean mayor of Yi Wang City came to visit our Experimental Primary School. He was welcomed warmly by all the members of the school ,including the leaders and the director of International Department.Mayor Kim and mayor He Qi visited our IB classes. They gave a warm and friendly speech to the children and the students presented them with some gifts.


  Yi wang city is the nearby city of capital Seoul. The traffic is light, so it is easy to get around the city. It only takes fifteen minutes to get to the south areas where the financial district is located. The education has been developing, not only in public schools but also in the private schools.  The city also has a special industrial zone, comprising of companies such as, Samsung, Hyundai, and  LG . The future of South Korea has never been in a better position. Young men and women are leaving school with better qualifications than before because of the developments in education. With these improvements, there has been an increase in strength throughout the financial and industrial sectors. 


The director of International Department Miss Lai and foreign teacher Mr.B  meet Korean mayor Kim, and mayor He Qi.


The teacher of IB Class Miss Zhang ning acting as guide and translator for the Mayors.  

Korean Mayor Kim greeting our students. 


The Korean guests are visiting Grade One classroom.


The director of Enrollment Office introduced the International teaching concept of our school.


The students gave red scarves to all the Korean representatives.

South Korean mayor Kim shaking hands with the students and chatting with them in English.


Mr. Jin, the mayor of Yiwang City from Korea, is writing with the Chinese traditional Chinese brush.

Mr. Jin writes in Korean with a Chinese calligraphy brush. His handwriting is very beautiful. He says the Koreans usually pay more attention on the calligraphic art.


Mr. Jin, taking his time with his beautiful work.

Mayor Kim teaching some students how to read Korean.


Mayor Kim taking photos with headmaster Yang Yubo who is the International Educational Professor of HuangPu Experimental Primary School.

Have a great dream!!! This time mayor He Qi having his photo taken with headmaster Yang Yubo.


The Korean guests taking photos with the teachers and the students in Huang Pu Experimental Primary School. In the future, the students of our school will travel to Yi Wang city to visit one of the schools. They will enjoy learning in a Korean school, and stay with local families to experience first-hand Korean culture.



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