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Fraser Doherty made a speech in Huangpu experimental primary school

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  As the founder of SuperJam, youth entrepreneur Fraser Doherty was invited by the Foreign Language School and made a speech in Huangpu experimental primary school. Super Jam got started with Granny's "secret recipe" for jam. Fraser Doherty developed the jam-workshop into millions of businesses, and thus before 20 he became a millionaire! You can buy the jam in every supermarket in Britain. The success of "SuperJam" is seen as a business card in Scotland and it was collected at the National Museum of Scotland. The remarkable pioneering work earned him the grand prize for the students who start a new career. Fraser stated his experience how to become an entrepreneur to all the join meeting staff, including challenges and difficulty he met, how to keep positive in trouble, how to set the goal when he was in university and how to balance the pressure from business and study, and so on. 

 The photo of Fraser Doherty and the guests.


(Fraser Doherty)。Moderator introduce the Fraser Doherty who is the founder of SuperJam, Young   entrepreneurs to audience with Chinese .


Give us a brief introduction of  Fraser Doherty


It is  occupied. in the  multimedia report hall of Huangpu Experimental Primary School 


Picture 5 Fraser Doherty say hello to everybody with enthusiasm. 


Fraser Doherty  release  Charm of young entrepreneurs.


Fraser Doherty is showing his story to the audience. 


The Adventures of Jam Boy


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