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Admissions for 2014

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  Hroughout the country (including Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and overseas) Residence, nationality is not limited.

二、Enrollment plan:
  The Grade One 126 students
  Classes of bilingual class 76 students;
  Classes of international class  50 students
  A few outstanding drop-in from Grade2 to Grade 5 , The Grade does not receive the transfer.

三、Application procedures:
  1、  Students and parents bring the original account, three small one inch color Photos. Yigang Garden owners children must provide the real estate property card original and original birth certificate.
  2、  After registration, by my school arrangement newborn examination and interview, Results after passing the entrance admission notice issued
  3、  The freshmen should have a checkup in the hospital, then take the examination table to the Admissions Office signed the admission agreement, then take the payment list to the school financial room fee
  4、  The new return payment list to the admissions office and by the admissions office for registration.

四、Enlists time:
  Perennial recruit students.
  Education Advisory hotline.
  TEL:086-020-82522051(Mr Pan 137-6063-6069)
  Address: Guangzhou city Whampoa District Fengle Road No. 188 Yigang Garden

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