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International Education Vision:

The Zhongshan Whampoa International Education vision for the future: To develop international basic education with Chinese characteristics in the next ten years, and be an influential international education brand in the next two decades.


The “Mission” Page:

Huangpu Experimental Primary School attached to Sun Yat-Sen University is dedicated to establishing brand new standards for international basic education. We endeavor to integrate the strengths of basic education from China and Western countries to provide whole-person education. We train our students to become future leaders with positive qualities of the East and West, international interests as well as strong communication skills.

Admissions Page:

1. Enrollment:
Enrollment is open to students from throughout the country (including Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan) and overseas.

2. Seats available in 2014:
Grade 1: 108 students, including:
Bilingual classes: 30 students;
International classes: 78 students.
Grade 2 to Grade 5: These grades can accept students who wish to join the school. The number of new students is limited by the available seats in the grade. Please contact our office for specific information on available seats.

For the international section, the maximum number of students per classroom is 26. In the bilingual section, the maximum number of students per classroom is 40.

3. Application procedures:
1. Students and parents bring the original documents and three small one inch color Photos. Yigang Garden owners’ children must provide the real estate property card original and original birth certificate.

2. After registration, the school will schedule an examination and interview. After passing the admission examination and interview, admission notices will be issued.

3. New students should have a checkup in the hospital, take the hospital report to the Admissions Office, sign the admission agreement, then take the payment list to the school financial room.

4. After paying the fees, return the payment receipt to the admissions office and do the final registration.

1. Admissions schedule:
The school holds open-school admissions events occasionally. However, the admission office is always open to new candidates. Please contact us any time to start the admissions process.

Education Advisory hotline.
(You may also contact Mr Pan for Chinese language inquiries at 137-6063-6069)
Address: Guangzhou city Whampoa District Fengle Road No. 188 Yigang Garden
Zip code:510700

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