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Huangpu Experimental Primary School attached to Sun Yat- Sen University

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  Huangpu Experimental Primary School Attached to Sun Yet-Sen University was set up on the 1st Sep.2003. Now it has 24 classes and about 1000 students. Even though students graduate every year, the spaces are filled quickly.
  There are 64 excellent teachers in our school and all of them have college and university degrees. Facilities including multi-media room, dance room, music room, computer room, art room and library are available to students and teachers. Every classroom has hi-tech multi-media equipment. We also have a state of the art security system.
  Currently, the student number of the International department is set to a maximum of 26 students per class. It has a unique program combining Western and Chinese education. The foreign teachers stay in the classroom throughout the day with the students, providing them many opportunities to communicate with the teachers.

  Over the past few years, " for the harmony of human society, for the lifelong happiness of children " is our education idea, “Culture the future Elite with Liberal arts literacy and Leadership quality” is our Training objectives.

    “friendly and happy work” is our Value orientation. Under the leadership of Education Bureau of Guangzhou city Whampoa District, with all the teachers hardworking,we made lots of impressive performance. The English of Non graduating class won the first prize in 2006 and 2007. The first graduating class Set the Thames a great coup in 2006, 64.9% of the primary school graduates admitted to the provincial level key secondary schools. The second graduating class created greater success again in 2007, 69.4% of the primary school graduates admitted to the provincial level key secondary schools. the third graduating class was famous in 2008,Maths and English both won the first place, it has aroused strong sensation In communities.

  Excellent quality and characteristics are not the all things we are pursuiting, We are committed to the pursuit is to cultivate the students' national feelings, international vision and comprehensive ability. We become the International Baccalaureate Organization interested in school in December,2008. From the essence of Chinese and Western Education, Let the student enhance the overall quality in the rich inquiry learning and social practice .

  There are not over 26 pupils in PYP bilingual experimental class, Each class has a foreign teacher and served as a headteacher. By having the nursing professional foreign teachers are responsible for the students' life. Excellent teachers team, International hardware facilities, warm living space, The advanced teaching idea, solid academic foundation and comprehensive quality get parents praise.

  October 2003, Our school officially became "international cooperation in Comprehensive English teaching and research experimental base"and "Youth Science and technology center of Guangdong Province experimental base"
  The school successfully hosted the fourth session of the "International Symposium on Integrated English teaching experiment.".
  In 2005 May, the school successfully hosted the Fifth International Conference on "integrated English teaching experiment.".
  In 2006 June, the school successfully held "the fourth national oral English Contest for the youth (Guangzhou Division)" activities.
  In 2007 July, the cooperative project of "our university and Tsinghua children's English training project of national authorization center of Tsinghua children's English Guangdong Province Guangzhou City Authority" sign, listing.
  In 2009 March, our school won the "sixth sections one hundred newspapers with daily advanced school" title, in 2009 November, our school was named "Guangzhou hundred good parents school".
  In 2011 our school graduating class focuses on the enrollment rate in more than 70%, is located in Whampoa  District three. 
  In 2012Guo Yukai won the first prize of Guangzhou division, Wu Chuhua won thesecond prize in Guangzhou division  in the Hua Luogeng national mathematics competition .
  Liu Yihan, Liu Chang won the first prize in Guangzhou City, Guo Yukai won the second prize, Qin Shaokang won the third prize in the competition ability of Chinese in Guangzhou,.
  The teachers and students in our school won more thans one thousand awards at all levels in district, provincial, national organized teaching skills, style of art, science and technology and other contests

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